TeamFirst and Visionary

Going above and beyond to fight PKD

We’re proud to recognize the extraordinary efforts of our volunteers and fundraisers. Without their dedication and time, we wouldn’t be able to give hope to those living with polycystic kidney disease and those who love them.

Congratulations and thank you to all the incredible 2018 PKD Foundation Heroes listed below.

2018 top 10 Walk for PKD events

The Walk for PKD Events in these cities were the top 10 in fundraising for 2018. Congratulations to the people that made these events the best in the country!

Boston — $121,352.85
Chicago — $117,119.98
North Texas — $78,549.13
South Florida — $73,324.38
New York City — $66,602.13
Los Angeles — $61,574.74
St. Louis — $61,075.44
San Antonio — $59,210.64
Pittsburgh — $55,380.90
Twin Cities — $53,419.23

2018 TeamFirst

The only way to further treatment is to work as a team — and the PKD Foundation can attribute our fundraising to the strength that lies in teams. In recognition of several of our strongest teams, the PKD Foundation presents the TeamFirst Awards to captains whose teams have raised $10,000 or more to support advancing treatment and finding a cure for PKD.

Gold Level ($30,000+)
Bost Bunch — Pittsburgh
Going for Geigers — Chicago
Ivan’s Investors for a PKD Cure — TampaSilver Level ($20,000 – $29,999)
Maddie Duffey — St. Louis
Team Tenacity — South Florida
Bronze Level ($10,000 – $19,999)
Adam’s Apples — San Diego
A Lotta Mazzottas — Boston
Hunting for a Cure — Rhode Island
Krusell, Nelson & Phyllis Gray Family — National Capital
Marilyn’s Marchers — Houston
Meredith’s Minions — Milwaukee
Mike & Poppy’s All Stars — New York City
Repa’s Kidney Kickers — St. Louis
Sack Pack — Nebraska
Team OC — Twin Cities
Team Pinnacle — Nashville
Team Rechter — South Florida
Team Short — St. Louis
The Producers — Long Island
There Peas in a Pod — New York City
Wipe Out PKD — North Texas

2018 Visionaries

Visionaries are top fundraisers dedicated to advancing treatment and finding a cure for PKD. Individually, they raise $6,000 or more. They are people who are intensely devoted to the fight against PKD.

Leading Light ($20,000+)
Jean Bost — Pittsburgh
Jacquelyn Katz — South Florida
Amy Manelli — Chicago
Quinn Manelli — Chicago
Harold Saul — TampaInnovator ($10,000 – $19,999)
Bill Brazell — NYC
Kelsey Duffey — St. Louis
Michele Karl — New York City
Michael Rechter — South Florida
Ana Repa — St. Louis
Adam Saks — San Diego
Pacesetter ($6,000 – $9,999)
Andrea Allemon — Detroit
Frank Condella — Boston
Judy Ehrlich — Boston
Becca Fisher Doughty — Rhode Island
Taylor Karlo — Central Ohio
Ed McVey — Milwaukee
Susan North — Los Angeles
Patti Ruffin — San Antonio
Jerry Rulli — Boston
Traci Short — St. Louis
Ethan Wiesman — Cincinnati-Dayton

Will you join this list in 2020? TeamFirst is any team that raises more than $10,000. A Visionary is any individual who raises more than $6,000. Join us and unite to fight PKD!