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ARPKD Walk for PKD teams

Welcome to the ARPKD team landing page. Our ARPKD teams are an important part of our Walk for PKD community and we want to celebrate the great things you’re doing in your community. Please check out some of our dedicated teams.

  • Walkin' with the Wiesmans
    ARPKD team, Walkin’ with the Wiesmans, from the 2014 Cincinnati/Dayton Walk.
    The support I feel from this many friends and family is enough to get me through the next year. I love the PKD walk!
    – Ann Wiesman
  • Nathaniel and Madeline's Warriors
    ARPKD team, Nathaniel and Madeline’s Warriors
    Madeline is my 2 year old that has ARPKD and has since had her kidney transplant. She slept pretty much the whole way! The other little one is Penelope, she is ARPKD free. And the older boy is my son Jackson who is also ARPKD free 🙂
    – Karen Rodas
  • Remembering Ryan
    ARPKD team, Remembering Ryan
    Here is a picture from our last year’s walk. It was our 8th annual walk in memory of our son. Our teams name is Remembering Ryan! He was born with ARPKD and passed away at only 6 days old. I also have a daughter that is a confirmed carrier and two sons that have not been tested.
    – Michele Caggiano
  • Three Peas in a Pod
    ARPKD team, Three Peas in a Pod
    Our team, the Three Peas in a Pod, has participated in 10 Walk for PKD events! We are grateful for this means of raising awareness and money for this rare disease that affects two of our three sons. We are also lucky to have wonderful family and friends who support us by walking with us each year and donating to our team.
    – Michele and Matt Karl
  • Team Ava Bear
    ARPKD team, Team Ava Bear
    I walk for my daughter Ava Nix (3 yrs old) who has ARPKD. I form a team every other year to raise money in hopes to find a cure for my baby.
    – LaToya Nix
  • Team Lucy D
    ARPKD team, Team Lucy D
    Our Lucy Diana was born three months prior to the PKD Walk. We have learned so much in such a short amount of time. Our family continues to grow stronger everyday with our little Lucy D. The walk was a lot of fun and brought a lot of attention to PKD! We look forward to many years to come and will continue to support the cause in every way possible until PKD is defeated!
    – Kevin McDonald
  • image1
    ARPKD team, Hope for Lillian Grace
    Lillian Grace is three years old and released from the hospital the day before the race! It meant so much for us to be there that day!
    – Jamie Mickam
  • Team Liam’s Fight
    ARPKD team, Liam’s Fight, Cincinatti/Dayton Walk

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