Team captains

Help your team succeed one step at a time

As a Walk for PKD team captain, you are the backbone of the Walk for PKD and the driving force uniting your team. The tools and resources provided here will help your team reach your fundraising goals. We are also here to help you and look forward to working with you. Let’s get started!

Recruit your team

Get the gang together and you have a team. We have provided resources in the handbook that will help you recruit and assist your team mates in joining your team and fundraising for PKD.

Start by asking those closest to you, such as family members, friends and others from your social network. Think about the people that you communicate with regularly. They will want to be a part of something that is important to you. Then you can consider recruiting people from different parts of your life with different networks—what a great way to help your PKD outreach go further!

Rally your team and raise funds

The great thing about being on a team is you don’t have to do it alone.  Here are three easy steps to get your team started.

  1. Register your team for the local Walk for PKD. Here are directions to get you started. (link to PPT for starting a team)
  2. Invite your team mates to join you. Here are directions to assist them. (link to join a team PPT.
  3. Share fundraising tips with your team to get them started. (link 6 steps from handbook here)

Count on your team mates to help reach your fundraising goal. Use these tips to rally your team:

  • Set a team goal that everyone can rally behind.
  • Share fundraising strategies with each other.
  • Brainstorm creative new ways to bump up your efforts.
  • Get your team excited to be a part of our TeamFirst program. TeamFirst is any team that raises more than $10,000 collectively.
  • Have a little fun. Gather your team for dinners or happy hours to build camaraderie.

We can help!

We want to support you and your team as you take steps to make a big difference in the lives of those affected by PKD. Contact us at or call 1.800.753.2873, ext. 154