Team Tools

Helping your team succeed one step at a time

As a Walk for PKD team captain, you are the backbone of the Walks and the driving force uniting your team to fight PKD!

Need some ideas to help get you started? Find tips for helping your team achieve your fundraising goals while having a great time and bringing us closer to treatments and a cure.

Get the gang together: how to recruit your team

Can you get four or more people together to join you in the fight to end PKD? If so, you have a team! The good news is that you count as a team member, too. This means you only need three more people to get started.

Not sure who to recruit? Start with those close to you, such as family members, friends and others from your social network. But be sure to also consider recruiting people from different parts of your life with different networks—what a great way to help your PKD outreach go further!

Rally your team and raise funds

The great thing about being on a team is you don’t have to do it alone. Count on your team mates to help raise more money. And feel free to engage in a little healthy competition with each other to drive your results even higher!

Ready to help your team fundraise? Here are some tips:

  • Share fundraising strategies with each other.
  • Brainstorm creative new ways to bump up your efforts.
  • Get your team excited to be a part of our TeamFirst program. TeamFirst is any team that raises more than $10,000 collectively.
  • Have a little fun. Gather your team for dinners or happy hours to build camaraderie.

Need an incentive to get your team going? For every $100 your team raises, you will get one Walk for PKD t-shirt (but don’t get greedy! Number of t-shirts cannot exceed the number of members on their team). If you don’t reach that goal of $100 per team member, those team members who raised $100 or more will receive their t-shirts first. As a team captain, you get to decide how to distribute any additional t-shirts.

We can help!

We want to support you and your team as you take steps to make a big difference in the lives of those who have PKD. Here’s how we can help promote your fundraising events:

  • We can post information about your event on our Chapter page and on the PKD Foundation Events Calendar.
  • We can create a flyer to help you promote your event.
  • We can connect you with the local Walk Coordinator to help promote your event on Facebook and by email.
  • We can offer coaching for team captains and members on how to share your story on your team and personal page.

Here are some more fundraising tips to help you achieve your full fundraising potential.

Need help or more team tips? Contact us at or call 1.800.753.2873, ext. 154.