The Walk for PKD is the largest fundraising event for polycystic kidney disease (PKD), raising over $35 million since the year 2000. At the event, the PKD Foundation brings together patients, physicians, and researchers to strengthen the community for all impacted by PKD. When you ask your friends and family to support you and the Walk for PKD, 100% of each donation will fund life-saving research.

We’re excited to gather across the country this fall, and with a virtual option, everyone can be a part of our vision to end PKD.


Register today and make a difference in the lives of hundreds of thousands of Americans and millions worldwide living with PKD.

We can’t wait to see you at a Walk for PKD event this fall!

Virtual Walk

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ARPKD Research Fund

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Top 2023 Fundraisers


Patti's Partners to Find a Cure for PKD $41,221
UT Health SA Nephrology $25,810
We are Family $15,464
TeamOC $14,555
Mighty Medugnos $12,572
Speltzs Stompin' Cysts $10,707
Going for Geigers $10,310
Ivan's Investors for a PKD Cure $10,055
Producers $9,051
Afternoon T $8,710


Mark Ruffin $30,509
CJ Everett $22,363
McVey Family Walk for PKD $12,571
Amy Medugno $10,821
Amy Manelli $10,310
Greigh Gruarin $9,400
Ana Repa $8,541
Patti Ruffin $8,418
Harold Saul $8,410
Sheila Speltz $8,108
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100% of Walk donations go toward PKD research.

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