2024 Walk for PKD Social Media Toolkit

We’re so excited that you’re joining us for the 2024 Walk for PKD! The Walk brings together our PKD communities to honor loved ones, foster a sense of community, and provide hope for a future without PKD. We’ve put together this toolkit to provide you with resources that will help you spread the word, raise PKD awareness, and boost your fundraising efforts—all through social media.

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ex: #AnnasWarriors #PKDWontBeatMe

Sample Posts for Individuals

Promote Walk Registration

Why do I walk for PKD? Because an estimated 600,000 Americans, including me and my family, are affected by polycystic kidney disease (PKD). Join us from coast to coast this fall as we walk with a cure as our finish line! Register today at walkforpkd.org. #endPKD 

Pro tip: This post is an excellent opportunity to use your own photo. Try using a past Walk photo or even a selfie!

I am a #PKDWarrior! Polycystic kidney disease (PKD) is a chronic, genetic disease causing the uncontrolled growth of cysts in the kidney, often leading to kidney failure. There is no cure. Support me by registering for the Walk for PKD at walkforpkd.org. #WalkforPKD 

This year, the PKD Foundation is aiming for Walk for PKD representation from all 50 states! Walk Your Way offers you the chance to join the walk from anywhere, whether there’s no Walk in your area or you’re unable to attend on the scheduled date. No matter where youre walking from, your support matters. Register today at walkforpkd.org. 

Promote Fundraising for Your Local Walk

We #WalkforPKD because funds raised go toward accelerating the lives of those living with polycystic kidney disease (PKD)! Help us #endPKD by donating today.Link to your walk webpage

Promote Your Personal or Team Fundraising Page

Help me reach my fundraising goal! When you donate to the Walk for PKD, 100% of your support goes to accelerating a cure to end polycystic kidney disease! Every dollar counts. Link to fundraising webpage

Sample Posts for Community Volunteers

Promote Registration for Your Local Walk

Calling all PKD warriors! The San Antonio Walk for PKD is right around the corner, and we need your support to make it a success. Walk with us on DATE to improve the lives of everyone affected by this disease. Register today at Link to your walk webpage!

Pro Tip: Add your Walk information to the highlighted sections.

Lace up your sneakers and join us on DATE for the Chicago Walk for PKD! Together, we can make a difference in the lives of everyone impacted by polycystic kidney disease. Register today at Link to your walk webpage! #WalkforPKD #endPKD

Share your story

Sharing your personal story can be an effective way to build engagement and generate interest around your Walk and fundraising efforts. Try answering these questions:

  • Why do you walk in the Walk for PKD?
  • How has PKD affected you or your family’s/friend’s life?
  • Why is it important for the PKD community to support one another?

Pro tip: This is a great opportunity to post a short video on TikTok, Reels, or Stories!



My first experience with the PKD Walk was eye opening. Having PKD, though I know it effects hundreds of thousands of people, always felt like a family thing. I had never met anyone outside of the family who had it. In the last couple of years, I became the last adult living with it in my family. It was awesome to find out about the resources available and meet people who are experiencing the same thing. Felt good to find there are people out there fighting for a cure! So happy I found this Walk and these people!

We loved walking in honor of our son, Theo, who has ARPKD. He was born in the very beginnings of Covid, and before we were connected with the PKD Foundation; we felt so isolated. Meeting others who understood what we were going through was so comforting. We’re very thankful to have this community as he grows — both to learn and to meet others experiencing the same things!

Fast Facts

  • What is PKD? Polycystic kidney disease is a chronic, genetic disease causing the uncontrolled growth of cysts in the kidney, often leading to kidney failure. There is no cure.
  • There are two types of PKD: autosomal dominant (ADPKD) and autosomal recessive (ARPKD).
  • ADPKD affects an estimated 600,000 Americans and 12.4 million people worldwide.
  • ARPKD is a rare form of PKD that occurs in 1 in 25,000 children worldwide.
  • 100% of funds from the #WalkforPKD go toward PKD research for more treatments and a cure.
  • The Walk is our largest gathering of PKD communities, with thousands of PKD patients, family, friends, researchers, healthcare providers, and supporters.
  • Since 2000, the Walk has raised over $35 million for PKD Foundation to help improve the lives of those living with PKD.