Why we walk

Everyone has their own reason for walking for PKD. To honor a loved one, to take control of their disease, to find a sense of community. No matter your reason for walking, you make a difference in the future of PKD.

Every dollar you raise goes directly to PKD research. Last year, Walkers helped us raise nearly $1 million. This year, our goal is to cross that $1 million finish line, bringing us closer to our ultimate finish line — ending PKD.

Learn why some of our teams walk for PKD and share your story below.

Why do you walk for PKD?

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What our fundraising supports

At the PKD Foundation, our vision is to #endPKD. To achieve this, more PKD research is needed. Over the past 40 years, we’ve evolved from not only a funder, but a doer of research. Since 1982, we’ve proudly funded more than $50 million in PKD research and leveraged $1.5 billion in government funding. Our grant and fellowship program improves disease understanding to drive new treatments. Dollars raised for research have gone toward:

  • Funding 19 researchers through $2.87 million in grants in 2020.
  • Expanding our leadership role in the Polycystic Kidney Disease Outcomes Consortium (PKDOC). PKDOC was created to provide a pathway for bringing treatments to patients faster. Without the PKDOC, we wouldn’t have the PKD Treatment Pipeline. This pipeline tracks the various PKD treatments in clinical trials from discovery through Phase 3. On this page, you’ll see details on each treatment in development and their clinical study status.
  • Supporting the expansion of the ADPKD Registry; research from this has a 100% probability of impact on individuals with ADPKD. The Registry is the first nationwide database of patients with ADPKD and over 2,000 individuals have enrolled.

Learn more about our research and don’t forget to join us during our 10 Days. One Goal. event. Together, we can change the future of PKD.

100% of Walk donations go toward PKD research.

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